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Call it fair trade, or call it
*a lesson in smart shopping,
*why children should go to school instead of using machetes,
*how to reduce poverty and human trafficking,
*how to buy coffee, chocolate and other good things so the farmer can survive and thrive.

Fair trade refers to a global trade model and certification that allows shoppers to quickly identify products that were produced in an ethical manner.

Or more simply put, fair trade is a way to buy coffee, tea, chocolate and other goods while avoiding trafficking, child labor and other problems, and helping to reduce poverty at the same time.

The basics about Fair Trade
The following presentation was shared by Tricia Kilgore of the FBC Savannah Missions Committee.

Where to Shop
Equal Exchange
Ten Thousand Villages
World Crafts

Resources & Organizations
Fair Trade USA
Fairtrade International

Videos about Fair Trade

The Skoll World Forum: Uncommon Heroes

Paul Rice: Awakening the Sleeping Giant: Fair Trade on Campus

News Reports about Fair Trade

Chocolate: The Bitter Truth, BBC Panorama investigation
BBC News - Cocoa farms in Ivory Coast still using child labour

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