Report from Lay Leadership Team


39967785.jpgOn Sunday, June 4, the Lay Leadership Team offered a report reviewing the steps of the Discernment Process to this point and highlighting the areas of focus for the future. 

Below are the areas on which we will focus and make a priority in the months to come. We will also build work teams around these areas to ensure they are addressed. All of these steps will be beneficial in our Intentional Interim process. 

Member Engagement: 

- We will encourage prayer and seek spiritual direction within our congregation.
- We will engage as a congregation to share our diverse gifts and points of view to build a stronger community of faith.
- We will challenge our current members to participate actively, endeavor to re-engage our inactive members, and actively seek new members. 

Financial Sustainability: 
- We will create a realistic budget. 
- We will encourage a regular and systematic plan of giving. 
- We will develop new sources of income. 
- We will nurture a commitment to stewardship. 
- We will foster clarity and timely reporting of church finances. 

Families, Children, and Youth: 
- Building upon an excellent foundation and facilities, we will continue our sustainable youth and children's programs to engage and empower families and youth.
- We will involve children and youth in all aspects of church life.
- We will encourage all church members to volunteer their gifts in support of this important segment of our church family.
- We will ensure a safe and loving environment for the nurturing of all our members. 

Utilization and Maintenance of Buildings: 
- We will preserve our historical setting by maintaining our buildings for current and future use. 
- We will develop a master plan for maintenance and upgrade facilities to be handicap accessible.
- We will utilize our physical resources to their fullest potential for the benefit of the church and community.

Community Presence and Engagement: 
- We will offer our assets to be the presence of Christ in our community. 
- We will partner with local missions. 
- We will continue to explore the missional needs of our community and contribute our talents, time, and resources to address them. 

If you have questions, contact a member of the Lay Leadership Team: Fran Arnsdorff, Will Barnes, Nicki Brewer, Reed Creaser, Lynne Davis, Christopher Hendricks, Tricia Kilgore, Nancy Lazard, John Rabun, and Bill Sutton.

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