Juvenile Court Programs


First Baptist Church supports several programs with the Family Dependency Treatment Court (part of the Juvenile Court of Chatham County). These programs aim to help improve the lives and outcomes for children and families who have become part of the juvenile court system.

In addition to providing a meeting place, our congregation prepares a meal for participants so that families can be reunited around the dinner table. If you would like to help with meals, either by preparing dinner or making a monetary contribution, please contact the church office.

Celebrating Families
Celebrating Families is a program from the National Association of Children of Alcoholics for families in early recovery. Families affected by chemical dependency have unhealthy family rules such as "don't talk, don't trust, and don't feel" that have been passed down for generations. Many have false beliefs that they caused the disease, can cure the disease, and/or can control the disease. Celebrating Families examines how families are affected by chemical dependency and teaches skills to break those patterns.

Strengthening Families
Strengthening Families is a program for families in recovery to teach healthy family functional skills such as improving behavior, increasing communication, decreasing overt aggression, and preventing child drug use.

Both of these programs are taught in sequence and begin with a family meal, followed by an age appropriate break-out session, and then a family-based processing group. Additionally, the participants receive assistance from the community through donations of furniture, household goods, training space and food items.

G.E.R.L. Program
Girls Enriched and Responsibly Living is dedicated to inspiring and guiding girls ages 13-16. The program helps them develop the skills, knowledge, confidence and courage they need to consistently make informed life choices from a place of self-knowledge, self-respect and strength. It is the goal of GERL to provide essential life skills that every girl/young woman needs for healthy maturation, development, formation of healthy relationships and the opportunity to reach her own unique and highest potential.

strengtheningfamilies-550.jpg In 2014, FBC received special recognition from Juvenile Court Judge Patricia Stone (left) for our support of these programs. A plaque was presented to the church, and was accepted by members Bridget Browne (center) and Ashley Williams (right).

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