The Murphy-Richardson Class

Sunday School

Known for many years as the "Sine Nomine Class," (the class without a name) the Murphy-Richardson Class is named for Peggy Murphy, a member who was instrumental in building and encouraging the group prior to her untimely death in 1988, and Carol Anne Richardson, a longtime dedicated member of the class. Peggy hosted a monthly meeting in her home to discuss contemporary issues from a spiritual perspective, and it was through these meetings that many of the class members got to know and appreciate each other in a significant and lasting manner. Dick Ferrell was the teacher of the class for many years, but it has always been discussion oriented. It is currently being taught by various class members.

The Murphy-Richardson Class studies primarily works of recent biblical scholarship. 

On Sunday, November 17, the class is beginning a five-week series entitled "Philosophical Arguments for the Existence of God" taught by Brian J. Martine, Professor of Philosophy from the University of Alabama Huntsville. 

The class meets promptly at 9:45 a.m. in Room 307. All are welcome.

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