The Julia Bass Teschke Charitable Trust has
pledged a gift to First Baptist Church that will enable
the Positif division of the pipe organ to be built and
installed. When the major restoration and
enlargement of the organ took place in 1990, the
Positif division had to be left uncompleted due to a
lack of funds. The console, however, was prepared to
accept this division whenever it could be added.

The Positif division will consist of ten ranks of
pipes, and will be located on the balcony railing
directly over the center door from the narthex to the
sanctuary. In this position, it will do much to
strengthen congregational singing, will increase the
instrument’s ability to play antiphonal repertoire, and
will allow for supporting choral singing from the rear
balcony. A horizontal trumpet will be available to be
used in processionals and on festal occasions.

This is a magnificent gift, from a Trust that
has already enriched the mission and ministry of our
church in numerous ways. It will be a glorious and
lasting memorial to Julia Bass Teschke.

Below are links to drawings of the plans for the installation of the Positif:

Download file

Download file

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