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walking bibleFeiler, Bruce. Walking The Bible:A Journey by Land Through the Five Books of Moses (New York: Harper Collins Publishers, Inc. 2001)

Bruce Feiler was born in Savannah, Georgia to a Jewish family. He was nurtured academically and spiritually. His college majors were history and international relations. Upon moving to New York, Feiler became a successful writer contributing to many publications and publishing five books.

Feiler's purpose for walking the desert was to verify the stories of the Bible. It was also a quest to identify his heritage with the dessert and the Israelites.

Avner Goren, a renowned archeologist, was his guide who knew the desert and its people. He arranged important interviews and the traveling itinerary.

I was immediately pulled into the enthusiasm and adventure of this book. Feiler's command of language and intuitive insight made for fascinating reading. Two themes emerged for me. First, everyone needs a guide and second, they need a place to reassure their faith. Moses, a central character, convinced his brother-in-law Hobab (Numbers 10:29-32) to lead the Israelites. Feiler had the capable and willing Avner Goren to guide him. Their place was the desert.

As for me, I realized how fortunate I have been to be led and encouraged by so many. Certainly, my place has not been the dessert. Nonetheless, faith has sustained me in some very ordinary and unexpected places.

- Joan Usher (2-06-02)

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