Church Committees

Are you interested in getting involved on one of our church Committees or Task Forces? These groups can be great ways to share your unique talents with our church. 

Committee members are elected by the church body to serve 3-year terms. A church Nominating Committee seeks to find candidates for all the Committees, and presents their recommendations during our October quarterly conference. At that time, the church members vote to approve the committee members for the following year.

If you're interested in participating on one of our Committees, contact the church office and we can get you in touch with this year's Nominating Committee.  Here is a list of 2017 Committee Members: 2017 Committees.

We also have a group of Task Forces, which differ from Committees in that members are not elected and there are no term limits. Click here for a list of Task Forces.

Committee Descriptions:

Missions - Researches, develops, and coordinates programs so that the church might serve the community and the world, and helps secure volunteers to participate in church-supported mission activities.

Music & Arts - Works with Organist and Choir Director in planning, coordinating, and implementing the church's music ministry, and in exploring ways to involve any of the fine arts in the church's program.

Nominating - Recruits members to serve on the various church Committees each year and to fill any vacancies that may occur during the year.

Personnel - Interprets and implements the Personnel Policies of the church, working with church staff in doing so, and monitors and refines these Personnel Policies and any related guidelines.

Finance & Stewardship - Prepares the ministry action budget and administers the financial resources of the church.  Assists in developing and implementing an annual church stewardship campaign based on the approved budget and facilitates financial stewardship education.

Spiritual Formation - Assists in the overall planning, coordination, and implementation of activities, programs, and experiences that focus on the spiritual development of church members, both individually and corporately.  Recognizing that spiritual formation is an ongoing exercise in the life of each individual, the Committee seeks to encourage such growth through regularly sustained programs and also through special initiatives.  In its work, the Committee seeks to be mindful of the multiple aspects of spiritual development which include cognitive, experiential, dialogic, and affective dimensions.

Youth & Children - Facilitates the monitoring and development of the spiritual, educational, emotional, psychological, social, and physical needs of the youth and children related to the church.  In coordination with the Associate Minister for Spiritual Formation and Families, the Committee plans and implements programs directed to meet those needs and evaluates the youth and children's programs and the function of the Committee.

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