Advent 2018



This Advent Devotional Booklet may well be the project that I most look forward to each year.  It is a combination of a creative process (choosing the theme, working with an artist to develop the cover art), along with administration (contacting writers, monitoring deadlines), and lots of editing (proofreading entries, arranging the order of the meditations, and proofreading some more).  All in all it amounts to around three months of preparation and work--and I love every minute of it!

One of the best parts, though, is seeing how each writer will choose to respond to the theme the Music and Arts Committee has selected for that particular year.  This year's theme is "Glorious Expectations."  Advent is a time of expectation:  in the liturgical calendar, we await the birth of Jesus as we begin the Christian year; in our lives, we await the joy of Christmas and the celebrations with family and friends.  The committee recognized that writers could focus on one or both of those ideas, or that they could also expound in other areas--such as times in their own lives when they looked forward with excitement, or our present time in which we, as a congregation, are waiting in anticipation of our next Senior Minister being called. 

I realize it may sound cheesy, but I look forward, with great expectation, each year to the congregation's submissions for this booklet.  I suppose you could even say I have glorious expectations!  I am constantly amazed, though not surprised, by the talented and skilled writers in our congregation who can weave together life experiences, relevant cultural illustrations, and biblical knowledge to create such thoughtful and moving devotional meditations.  This year's Advent Devotional Booklet is no exception. 

As you read these meditations each day, it is my hope that you will consider anew the meaning of this season and all the ways the birth of Jesus affects your life.  May we all look forward, with glorious expectations, for what is in store for each of our lives, our church, and our world!    

-- Kyle Ballantine, editor


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