December 9, 2018

Advent 2018

"Glimpses of the Promised Land"


In 1987 a minister friend invited me to go on a tour of the Holy Land.  I had no idea it would work out, but God had other ideas.  With some unbelievable and glorious expectations I found myself in a marvelous group of ministers, missionaries, and lay persons headed for, yes, Jordan and Israel for ten fabulous days!  Every time I think of it my spiritual sensitivities are super-charged!

One morning our tour bus was climbing a particularly steep, narrow, and serpentine road.  The tour guide explained, "This is Mt. Nebo (2,231 feet above sea level) where Moses was allowed to see into the Promised Land!"  How absolutely exhilarating!  It was impossible not to wonder what was going through Moses' head when he arrived here four thousand years before.  My head was filled with a virtual kaleidoscope of grand and glorious expectations of what we would begin to see later that day as we crossed the Jordan River going from Jordan into Israel at Jericho.  Yes, it was the very same route Moses and the Israelites had taken.  The only comparison in awe, wonder, euphoria, and anticipation might be if you combined all the Christmas mornings of a lifetime into one!  What a glorious and matchless experience!  God was blessing abundantly!

Many of us at First Baptist Savannah are filled with similar glorious expectations about new ministerial leadership for our church family.  We know it will be soon.  We believe it is of God's choosing, anointing, and blessing.  New ways of performing traditional ministries and the discovery of as yet unexplored pathways and adventures of service are ahead of us.  Our hope is magnified.  Our joy is profound!

Join us in looking over into the Promised Land of dynamic ministries as the presence of Christ here in this community.  Come with us as we enter the challenge and experience the blessings of glorious expectations fulfilled by the grace of God and the dedication of God's good people!  Amen. 

-- Will Barnes


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