December 8, 2018

Advent 2018

"Expect the Unexpected"


This year has been a busy one for Tricia and me.  Along with our usual activities and obligations to family, friends, work, and church, some new and different things have come our way.  To begin, our beloved Georgia Bulldogs football team played extremely well and, for the first time in three decades, found themselves playing for the national championship.  Our expectations for our team's success were high, only to end in a heartbreaking overtime loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide.  Soon afterward, during my annual eye exam, it was discovered that I will need yet another surgery in the not too distant future.  At her work, Tricia's department at Memorial was outsourced once again, and she faced not only the hassles of losing nearly thirty years of seniority, but also the adjustment of being at Memorial but not with Memorial.  Undeterred and realistically optimistic, we decided to put our house for the past twenty-five years on the market and move back in to town.  And if these things were not enough, I agreed to serve on the Pastor Search Committee, respectful of the hard work necessary to serve our church as we enter this new chapter in our long life.  As you would think, in all of our busyness, some things turned out as we expected, while others had unexpected results.


Advent is a season of anticipation, as we focus on the arrival of our Messiah.  As we watch and wait, what exactly do we expect?  I sometimes think that, as I impose my earthly expectations of this season's meaning for my life, I forget the wonder of new discovery that is to be found during Advent.  I know that I must replace my earthly thoughts with spiritual thoughts.  Expectations about where we work, where we live, or even if our team is doing well do have a place in our lives, but they should stay in their rightful place.  Instead, as we wait for our Christ, let us look at the familiar differently, and let us expect the unexpected.  Imagine how glorious that would be.

-- Doug Craig


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