December 2, 2018

Advent 2018

"Glorious Always Happens"


For the shepherds it was just another night.  As they watched over their flock, they had no glorious expectations.  One of the sheep might wander off.  A wild animal might try to attack a sheep.  There could be a shortage of firewood.  But more likely, nothing would happen.  It would just be another boring night under the stars.  But the night turned out to be anything but boring.  Glorious happened!  There were angels...there was singing...there was bright light...there was praising and proclamation!  And all these were unexpected.  Obviously the shepherds had no such expectation, but someone did.  And that someone was Almighty God.  God expected the Messiah to be born this night.  God expected peace and goodwill among the people of God.  God expected the world to never forget this night and all the shepherds experienced.  God's expectations were glorious, and in turn so was the reality of Christmas.

Sometimes we are like the shepherds.  Each day is just another day.  We might receive praise for a project at work.  We might dream of a memorable time in our future.  We might experience an emergency.  But more likely, not much happens.  It is just another day.  We have no glorious expectations.  But God does.  God has glorious expectations of our personal life in faith.  God has glorious expectations of our relationships with each other.  God has glorious expectations of our future forever with the Lord.  Clearly when we focus on our expectations, we tend to only see the mundane.  But when we focus on God's expectations, we envision the glorious.  And with God, glorious always happens!

Advent is the beginning of a new church year.  What do you expect from this new spiritual year?  Do you have expectations of another year of lackluster days?  Or might you come to have expectations of a year of glorious blessings?  When we focus only on ourselves, we tend to see only the daily routine of our life.  When we focus on God, we come to see the best that the Lord has to offer.  And God's best always, always, always leads to the personal experience of the glorious.  Pray this Advent season might be a personal prelude to the glorious expectations of God, which in turn will lead to the reality of a new glorious spiritual year with the Lord.

-- Rick Sebastian


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