December 23, 2018

Advent 2018

"In God's Hand"


I have always wanted to know God better.  Although I  grew up unchurched during the Depression, it was during the hard times that I learned to seek and to know a loving God who does all things well.  One of my favorite verses from the Psalms says, "My times are in thy hand."  No  matter what stage of life I am in,  this verse reminds me that God is taking care of me.  I am amazed that I have had such a long life (I am 97) and am blessed beyond measure.  When we put our expectations in God and trust him, God gives us perfect peace.


When you become an "at-home member" of First Baptist Church, it can be a blessed time.  Church members send cards on occasion to tell you how wonderful you are.  Such nice folks!  Charlie Benton gave me the pleasure of a big laugh when he wrote, "I miss seeing you flying by me on I-95 on the way to church."  Shannon Willhite gave me hope when she wrote that she is excited about the future of First Baptist.  Excited!  Imagine that!  Nine year old Jacqueline Dion sent good wishes with a wonderful drawing.  She gave me promise for the future of our congregation.


As our church goes through a time of change, I feel we are in God's waiting room.  Change is not always comfortable but it is inevitable and it is constant.  While we wait on God's timing, we are not just waiting; we are learning and serving and trusting God's faithfulness.  Don't you love the story of old Simeon and Anna who served in the temple many years as they waited for the Messiah?  Simeon never lost hope in God's promise.  He was there with a purpose as he waited, confidently expecting God to reveal the one who would bless Israel and the world.  Simeon and Anna had a divine appointment to remind Mary and Joseph that Jesus was no ordinary child.


One of my long-ago memories is a visit of my children with my grandson, Bryan.  Bryan was always the first one up in the morning, and there he was one day, waiting for me when I entered the kitchen.  With five year old sincerity, his first words to me were, "Grandmom, did you know that God knows more than parents do?"  I asked him how he knew that and he answered, "My Sunday School teacher told me."


Hooray for teachers, preachers, musicians, and all those who bring the good news of God's love.  As we pray and work together, we can be confident that we are in God's hand.  Let's enjoy the journey.


Expect to hear great news at any moment!

-- Eleanor Blood


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