December 17, 2018

Advent 2018

"True Blessings"


Imagine Mary and Joseph, before Christ's birth, struggling to understand the virgin birth of Jesus.  I have to wonder what the world would be like if Mary and Joseph had refused to be the parents of Jesus and had not accepted God's glorious expectations for their family.


There was one particular time in my life when Bill and I were looking ahead with glorious expectations.  It was a time when several friends from our neighborhood suggested that we should consider adopting a child.  They had witnessed how much Bill and I had loved being parents to Kevin, our only child, who was killed in a car wreck.  We initially reacted to this idea in the negative, as we thought it would be impossible for a couple in their forties to be accepted by an adoption agency.  But as Bill and I discussed this idea, we realized that we could experience great happiness as parents once again.  Today we feel that this suggestion from our friends came directly from Christ to us.  Our friends knew someone who handled adoptions for an adoption agency, and her children had been students of mine in school.  We worked with her, and within a year we were approved, holding our precious Sean at two days old in our arms and bringing him to our home as our son. 


Originally, I had requested that we be able to adopt two children if at all possible.  There could be no misunderstanding that Christ's presence was in all of our lives.  Almost two years after Sean was born, Erin became our precious daughter, joining all three of us at our home.  So many people were working through Christ in bringing these two children and their parents together to make up the Plunkett family.  Sean and Erin are special siblings and are a true blessing to our family from Christ.  We needed Sean and Erin as much as they needed us--and each other.  Bill and I thank Christ everyday for allowing us to be their parents and for them to be brother and sister to each other.  All of us appreciate and love each other greatly.  We realize that God leads us, just as he did Mary and Joseph.  What if our hearts had not been open to accept glorious expectations for our family?


As our church family awaits the naming and arrival of a new pastor with new ministries, leadership styles, and program ideas, who will preach the Word of God, it is imperative that every church member who is able should be actively involved in our church.  The presence and deepest prayers of all our church members are needed as our hard- working staff and volunteers are providing continued coverage for programs and committees, as well as bringing us the Word of God with much thought and preparation.  You are needed now and will be greatly welcomed to be a part of this church as we look with glorious expectation to the future.

-- Donna Plunkett


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