December 15, 2018

Advent 2018

"Greater Expectations"


In Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations we see a prototype of so many of us in the modern era.  Pip set his sights on wealth and the love of a woman who was beyond his reach.  When, by some mystery which he misinterpreted, he came into wealth, he was assured that all of his dreams would come true.  Learning of the true source of his wealth, he gave all of that away and then learned that he had been betrayed by a scheme to break his heart over the woman he loved.  He had organized his entire life around his great expectations.


In the background were extraordinary opportunities for healthy relationships with the family who took him in as an orphan and with a young woman who was a true friend.  Because of his ambition he turned his back on all of those who had been loyal to him. 


How often do we fail to see the extraordinary gifts offered to us by our Creator because we have our eyes set on different priorities?  The people of Israel had an expectation of Messiah.  Is it surprising to any of us that they failed to see in the birth of a child, in humble surroundings, the coming of their God revealing himself in ways that made relating to that One more possible?

-- Charlie Benton


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