December 14, 2017

Advent 2017

"The Church's One Foundation"

One of the most difficult changes in my life occurred more than thirty-five years ago when I moved to Savannah for a job position. Not only did I not have any family or friends in Savannah, I knew very little about the city other than its history. My only prior visit had been for the job interview. After moving into my Southside apartment, I felt an isolation that I had never felt before

As time passed, I became involved in community activities and organizations where I made friends. Perhaps most importantly, I found a church home at First Baptist Church. This church has been a mainstay in my life ever since.

Recently, First Baptist Church has confronted an extraordinary level of change with the departures of two ministers and long-time staff members. We have lost several of our most beloved members due to death. Attendance at Sunday services has declined. It would be foolish not to be concerned about the future of First Baptist.

In spite of our problems, I remain optimistic about First Baptist Church. Our membership and attendance numbers may be reduced but there remains a cadre of members dedicated to teaching and practicing the message of Jesus Christ through First Baptist Church. Change may be difficult but it also offers an opportunity to make the church even better. We must be willing to listen to new ideas and to reexamine our own views.

First Baptist Church is now in its third century of divine service to this community. With dedication, prayer, and hard work, we can ensure that the church will be here for centuries to come.

-- Joe McNellage

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