December 13, 2017

Advent 2017

"The Mystery of God"

"If a change is imposed on a system at equilibrium, the equilibrium position will shift in the direction that tends to reduce that change in conditions." (Le Chatelier's Principle)

To maintain proper composition inside the cells of the human body, the chemical composition of fluids outside the cells must be kept constant. This constancy in biology is known as homeostasis, which is maintained by buffers dissolved in the blood. This buffering process involves the give and take of protons between acids (proton givers) and bases (proton receptors). The result is equilibrium. When equilibrium is lost, cells must change the pH of the solution by adding something to cause a shift. More reactant will be generated.

What an amazing creation! Could we learn from these buffers to change?

Indeed, on a personal level, we meet changes in our lives with as many "buffers" as we can find: financial, intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual. We buy insurance, research the problem, take medication, get married or divorced, join a gym, move away, meditate, or build a shrine. We seek to penetrate the surface of reality and to find in each thing the spirit which makes it itself and holds the world together.

In a spiritual sense, we look to God to reflect the image at the heart of things, but often, God has only reflected our broken condition and through it, the face of the devil we are possessed by. The truth as Christians know it has been used as a light to see the world by. We have freedom to observe what humanity has done with the things of God. The beauty of the earth's natural bounty inspires all with eyes to see it. Only when the natural world is seen as good does evil become intelligible as a destructive force and a necessary result of our freedom.

Senseless mass killings cannot be explained or understood, no matter how hard we try. Only faith in God's grace stands above it all. "God can make any indifferent thing, as well as evil itself, an instrument for good; but I submit that to do this is the business of God and not of any human being."

Christ didn't redeem us by a direct intellectual act but became incarnate in human form. God speaks to us now through the mediation of a visible Church. The main concern is with mystery as it is incarnated in human life. "Mystery is a great embarrassment to the modern mind." Certainly, the aim of learning is to eliminate mystery. Yet, some things still defy our search for meaning. The face of the earth is waiting to be recreated by God's spirit. Come, Jesus, quickly come.

Love wins. Love always wins.

"Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act." (Albert Einstein)

Thanks to Flannery O'Connor for her ideas included in my article.

-- Marty Foxx

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