Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Advent 2016


"God's Incredible Love!"


            Hi, I'm a lesser-known figure in the pageantry of the Christmas story.  I, too, had a visit from a heavenly messenger, Gabriel.  The good news conveyed was so astonishing I had difficulty accepting it.  Such news rendered me speechless for nine plus months.  For one who is used to making a living by using words, that was quite profound, awkward, discombobulating, disconcerting, dismaying, bewildering, and confusing to say the least!  Not having a voice will do that to you.  However, the interim brought about acceptance, healing, hope, trust, encouragement, and ultimately inexplicable blessings, joy, and profound thanksgiving!  It even gave me back my voice!  Who am I?

            Sometimes we think we know who we are and life is all sorted out, secure, and predictable.  An advent occurs and the world as we know it is spinning out of control, landing upside down.  The impact is so severe we begin to question even our reason for existing saying, "There is no hope."  The most profound realization is God provides astonishing and incredible blessings of answered prayer, affirmation of our faith, and anointing by the sweetest Holy Spirit!  God's steadfast love is once more refreshed and renewed.  It is the best of the Good News!  God loves us!  God is present with us!  God can do anything but fail!

            What will you do to receive God's Good News this Advent season of 2016 and receive the priceless gifts of sweet peace, real hope, and steadfast love?  Every Advent is an opportunity to experience God's incredible grace and love.  May you receive the incomparable gifts of God's extravagant grace and love during this Advent.  Amen!


-- Will Barnes

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