Thursday, December 1, 2016

Advent 2016

John the Baptist

"John the Baptist Weighs the Situation"


I didn't have the words then:


Water.  Warm.  Dark.

The sound of heartbeats near.  Slosh.

Laughter.  Whispers.  Crying.  Scream.  Emerge.

Shouts.  Hushed discussion.

"Where is he?"

"There he is!"

What is where?  What is there?  What is he?  What is is?

Who am I?  I'm here, I'm crying but

I'm waiting.


I have words now - oh God I have so many honeyed words.

My answers are longer than my beard but inconclusive.

The way is heavy.

Who am I?  Who is he?  Where is he?  Where am I?

We're waiting.


I tell them he is coming.  "Who is he?"  "Where is he?"

Where am I?

Well, I wade in warm water.

We prepare.  We wait.

The sound of heartbeats near.  Slosh.  Down, Splash, Rise, Drip.

Laughter.  Whispers.  Crying.  Hushed discussion.


Who is he?  Who am I?

Prepare.  Prepare the way - oh God I have so many words.

And then, wait...wait...wait.

He comes to the water.

The sound of heartbeats near.  Slosh.  Down, Splash, Rise, Drip.

Light.  Voice.  A bird in flight.


I hear who he is.  I have no words again.

And yet - all this waiting, whispering, sloshing, and dripping

Breaks through hardened skulls

Makes my empty words full and good,

Puts my head on my shoulders straight.


But now what?  This truth makes me whole,

But I swear I feel I may lose my mind, even then, I pray that who

He is makes who

I am

all of



Even if I did not then, do not now, will not later have the words to say,

or a mind to say them:


It was worth the weight.


-- Rob Kilgore

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