Friday, December 23, 2016

Advent 2016


"A Letter to the Child of God"

Luke 2:25-35


(Shared with the boy Jesus at age 12 while traveling to the Temple in Jerusalem.  "And he grew in wisdom, and stature, and in favor of God and humankind.")


Dear Child,


            My whole life has been saddened by the sins of my people.  My one hope has been in God's promise to me:  that before I leave the earth, I would see a sign of salvation.  I hope your parents will save this letter until you can understand it on your own.  In you, I saw the promise of God fulfilled.  In you is the promise of the hope that comes from a God who grants us love and truth.  Knowing that is bitter-sweet for me.  I am so blessed that the Creator has let me know that in you our God is present with us - Emanuel.  All people, not just our own, will see you as a light in a world of darkness.

            As I blessed your parents when they brought you to Jerusalem, not quite yet six weeks old, I saw that God had chosen you to cause the fall and the rise of many of our people.  You will be a sign from God that many will not accept.  The things that may happen to you will pierce your parents' hearts and bring them sadness.

            It remains a mystery to me that love and truth and compassion are such difficult gifts to receive.  Perhaps we hold to the belief that God will not do a new thing.  Dear child, through your life I see that God has chosen to transform the whole of creation to reflect his love.  You are, indeed, a gift from God for all people.


Simeon, a Servant of God 


-- Charlie Benton



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