Friday, December 2, 2016

Advent 2016



            "I can't."

            Joseph had already made up his mind.  He planned to dismiss Mary in private so as not to cause her any public disgrace.  He began to turn away from the angel.

            "But Joseph, have you not heard?  This child Mary is carrying is not a child of man, but of the Holy Spirit.  This is God's son who will come to save all people on earth."

            A shiver came over Joseph, as if someone had let in a quick blast of cold air.  What the angel just said to him is exactly what Mary had mentioned to him earlier.  Could what she said be true?

            "Joseph, I know this may seem impossible but the Lord has chosen Mary to carry the child.  This child is God's son and you shall name him Jesus."

            Suddenly all other sounds in the room became silent and all Joseph could hear over and over was the name.  Jesus.  "God's salvation."  It brought a peace to Joseph's heart that hadn't been there before.

            "If what you say is true, then what does God expect of me?  What use am I?"

            "You shall take Mary as your wife.  When the child is born you shall name him Jesus and raise him as your own.  All other matters will come to you when the time is right.  Can you do this Joseph?"

            Joseph pondered what the angel had asked him.  The answer was simple.

            "I can."

            Sometimes our calling can seem overwhelming.  Imagine being tasked with raising the Son of God!  No matter how big or small, God is calling us in new ways every day.  Like Joseph, we may be skeptical at first, but eventually the light of truth shines through the darkness.  Listen!  God is calling!  Are you ready to answer?


-- John Pollock




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