Thursday, December 24, 2015 - Christmas Eve

Advent 2015

"How Can You Keep from Singing?"

Inspired by Luke 1:26-56


You have heard the stories of Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah,

The story of my cousin's son, John,

The stories of so many other prophets -


How an angel appeared to them

And told them what they would do for God.

Though they doubted their worthiness,

God was with them and saw them through;

And because they served God faithfully,

We still bless their names.




One day, when I was but a young girl,

An angel appeared to me, too,

And gave me the holiest task a mere mortal could ever perform.

But unlike the other prophets,

I did not foretell the coming of our Savior.

Instead, I carried him in my womb,

And, when the time came,

I birthed God's own child.


Who among you can deny that I too am a prophet?


Though I was but a lowly handmaiden,

Young, not yet married, without riches or power

God chose me to bear and raise our Savior.

Our Creator blessed me -

What could I do but sing?


As the days shorten and grow brisk,

Remember, tonight's sky hosts the same ancient stars

That shone over Bethlehem so many years ago.


I urge you:

Step back from the chaos of everyday life -

Go outside,

Look up at the night sky,

And simply reflect...


There is so much good in this world that God made,

So many blessings from the One who created all.

Everyone has a song of praise -


How can you keep from singing?


- Anabelle Malcolm



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