Thursday, December 3, 2015

Advent 2015



             I am currently reading a book entitled Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans.  In the beginning of the book she discusses what people are looking for in the church.  One of my favorite quotes from this book is found in the beginning when she says that we, as Christians, are looking for a more "authentic Christianity."  She goes on to say that every generation is searching for the same thing - a true, authentic Jesus; a Jesus that started to change the world before he was even born, just like the prophets had said.  So what does a more "authentic Christianity" look like with a true, authentic Jesus?  What does it take for us, as Christians, to truly follow this authentic,           life-altering Jesus about whom the prophets spoke?  As Christians and members of the Church, it is our job to figure that out.

As many of you know, I had the privilege to work at PASSPORTchoices camp this past summer.  I remember one day I was talking to one of my fellow staffers about our different faith journeys.  I asked her what she thought the most important aspect of her faith was.  After considering my question, she responded with one word - trust.  She went on to talk about how trusting in our Heavenly Father was everything.  In order to fulfill the life he has chosen for us all, we must trust that he will provide for us.  I think the prophets do a good job outlining that idea for us multiple times in the bible, but one verse that comes to mind is Isaiah 12:2.  It says, "Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid; for the Lord God is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation."

Just like my fellow staffer, I believe that trust is one of the cornerstones of an authentic, powerful Christianity.  Sometimes, when things don't go my way, I struggle trusting that it will all work out. Then I have to sit back and ask myself, "why not?"  What reason do I have not to trust that this life-changing, all-knowing God will take care of me?  As we go through this Advent season as a church family, I urge all of you to ask yourselves that question.  What is holding us back, as a people, from trusting our God and sharing God's truth with the world around us?  Let's be examples to the world around us by trusting and following this "authentic Jesus" about whom Evans spoke.


- Betsy Sutton


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