Monday, December 7, 2015

Advent 2015

"Spreading God's Love"


             The world isn't perfect. That's why we endeavor to do our best, and that's what makes it wonderful.  - Anonymous


Christmas time, in many homes and for families across the world, is a time for joy in celebration of Jesus' birth.  We spend the holidays reflecting on the wonder of God's love for each and every child, young and old.  We anticipate new beginnings in the years to come.  For many of us this season offers the chance to extend forgiveness and to better the communities in which we live.  Unfortunately, the world today also has many people who are struggling to find their way in life, believing that few care, or much less want to help them. 

But Christmas is also the season of giving to those who are in need, whether of our time, money, or our compassion.  We all know of people who spend their time volunteering for others, and we may do it ourselves, with others, as a church, or individually.  God has given us the ability to help others in our life, and through these works and deeds we can help spread the love that we feel during the Christmas season.  It is with these acts of kindness that all are able to find their way to Christ, and are able to see one another through the eyes of God - as accepted and loved.

As Christians, our duty is to God and all of his creations here on earth, so that we may all live as equals under God's love.  The world that we are faced with today has many problems and sorrows that at some times seem impossible to overcome.  Yet, no matter how downtrodden or lost we feel, it seems that there is always someone there who is able to bring us back to our feet.  There are people to show us that no matter what we face we have each other, and our God, who will give us light in darkness and hope when all we see is despair.  That is why Christmas, past all of the tinsel, games, and presents, is a time of joy.  It is a day on which we are able to remember that God gave us the ability to right wrongs and fix problems.  God has given us the ultimate gift by allowing us to strive to create a world where peace isn't just a dream, but a reality.

How can we each help in this path - to serve God, to make the world we live in a better place, and to make all people feel equal and loved?  What can we give during this season of Advent to those who are in need?


- Claire Johnson


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