Wednesday, December 24, 2014 - Christmas Eve

Advent 2014

Wednesday, December 24

Christmas Eve


Our Advent prompt for this year was to reflect on the birth of Jesus from God's perspective.  Thinking the congregation would enjoy the thoughts from our multi-aged children's Sunday school class, I agreed to ask them some questions on the subject and share them with the congregation. It was a most humbling experience.


I asked each of the children two or three questions and tried to explain them to each child on their level.  Jacqueline's answers to my questions are recorded below:

What might God have felt throughout Mary and Joseph's pregnancy and the birth of Jesus?

Jacqueline:  "God was happy about Mary having the baby Jesus.  He picked her.  God wondered if they would be good parents for Jesus.  Parents worry about things like that."

How is the love of a parent to a child reflective of God's relationship to us?

Jacqueline:  "My parents love me and God loves me and everybody else."

Jacqueline is 5 years old and is in kindergarten.  She amazed me at how easily she was able to summarize the answers to some pretty complicated questions to ask a child.  I did explain the questions to her and the other girls, but even then they were not easy questions to answer.  Jacqueline is bright, an intense observer of events going on around her, and very introspective.  She thought carefully about my questions and her answers were brief and rich with meaning.  Thank you, Jacqueline, for the reminder that God loves us all!


- Jacqueline Dion and Barbara Creaser


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