Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Advent 2014

Wednesday, December 17


What a wonderful celebration to acknowledge the birth of Jesus Christ as the son of God, and to be able to tell others about His presence in our lives.  Over the years, the images and symbols have become clearer as my faith and understanding of our loving father has grown.  I shudder to think where I would be without Him.

When my first and only son was welcomed into this world, I gave praises to God for the miracle of his birth, and what his existence would mean in my life.  I had plenty of time to think and call God's name that day as I was in labor for eighteen hours!  I would be amiss to state that my role as a parent has been easy.  It has been an undertaking of the greatest magnitude, but my loving father in heaven has remained beside me all the way.

I always wanted my son to be able to relate to God and experience His presence in his own life.  Remembering such occasions, one particular Sunday he asked me if our minister was God.  I replied that he was an important part of God's world here on Earth, and indeed a living example of one of God's children.  At the time, I did the best I could to answer his unending questions, and there were may times I would say, "Let's ask God," and we would go to Him in prayer.  He was very small then, and I have watched him continue to grow into a man of stature, at six feet and five inches tall.  I am in prayer daily that God will continue to bless him and walk with him as he faces life's unending challenges.  God is still working on my son, but we are aware that He is always near.  Our loving father has many lessons left to teach us.

A dear friend of mine related a unique story to me about her own child's understanding of God and the symbols of God's presence here on this earth.  As the story goes, her child brought a bible home from school one day.  She asked her child why she thought she needed to bring another bible home.  Her child answered simply, "I knew we had a bible, Mom, but I didn't know if it was holy."  I am sure many discussions about the bible and God ensued between parent and child.

This "Holy Book" that I bring to church every Sunday has special significance for me.  I bring one of my son's bibles with me because behind the first page are these words written by my son:  "We believe in God, father to all who trust Him, who has called us to work together, to build a world wherein the unity, peace, and joy of His kingdom shall prevail.  We believe in Jesus Christ, son of God and our brother, who suffered, died, and rose again for us, that we might learn to live for others."  I'm not quite sure of his exact age, but based on his penmanship I believe he was about six years old.  I also believe he had memorized these lines before he was seven. 

It will be quite interesting to watch as he continues to grow and moves forward in his life to become a father with a son of his own.  I am aware of what an awakening it will be for him, as his life has been for me.


 My mother and father are no longer in this world holding my

hand to take me to church and to help me face life's obstacles.  Many years have passed since they took my hand and said to me, "We're going to church, we need to talk with our father in heaven and be in His house today."  But I always feel the Heavenly Father's presence in my life and in the lives of others around me. 

My father in heaven, that just and loving God, still "walks with me, and talks with me, and He tells me I am His own."  God continues to be the blessing that I have been promised He would be, and I know that my child is a child of God, as am I.  Thanks be to God. 


- Martha Davis


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