Thursday, December 4, 2014

Advent 2014

Thursday, December 4


Words cannot express the emotions that we felt when John and I first knew that we were expecting Nathan.  Excitement.  Love.  Anticipation.  Wonder.  Fear.  Seeing the ultrasound for the first time, watching his heart beating, and counting fingers and toes reassured us that all would be well.  Having miscarried twice previously made us painfully aware that life sometimes does not go the way we plan.

Throughout the pregnancy John and I cared for each other and marveled at our role in creation.  "In the beginning God created the world...and it was good," and now we were joining hands with God.  Part of the daily ritual was for John to talk to Nathan while still in utero.  Within moments of Nathan's birth, he began to cry - which is what the doctor wanted!  And then, John began to talk to his child.  The little head turned in the direction of the voice he already knew.  In that moment time stood still and love permeated the room.  Face-to-face we experienced the earthly and the eternal.

We were blessed with Matthew and Rachel in time and over the years our parenting role has taught us much about grace and love and forgiveness.  We believe that the same unconditional love we experience from God must be shared.  As an educator, each time I give my students a high-five I send a silent prayer to them and a reminder to myself:  You are a child of God.  And so are we all.


- Norma Finley


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