Sunday, November 30, 2014 - First Sunday of Advent

Advent 2014

Sunday, November 30

First Sunday of Advent


When I think of God as a parent things make a little more sense to me.  Many believe that God controls every aspect of our lives; however, I believe that God guides our lives like a parent.  Parents bring you up and teach you all that they can from what they know.  Nevertheless, there comes a time that parents must let go of their children and hope that they have instilled the right values in those children.  This is what God does for us.  God teaches us how we should live and the principles that we should live by through scripture; then God sends us off in the world, all the while hoping we will make Christian choices.  God knows we will stumble just as parents know their children will make mistakes, yet God allows us the freedom to make those mistakes.

We as children often treat God like we treat our parents - no matter how hard parents try, things can go wrong and children can pull away.  But our great God is patient and relentless.  Like parents, God loves us no matter how we act or respond and will be waiting when we decide to return home.  God is there for us even when we believe differently - when things go awry and in our darkest hour, God is there.  Like a parent, God weeps when we weep, feels joy when we feel joy, and holds our hands when we are afraid.  God never stops pursuing us because, as our parent, God wants us to walk in His light.

 God is present for every one of God's children even when they doubt and deny Him.  Like the best kind of parent, God loves us no matter what, allows us the freedom we crave, and is there for us when we fall.  God uplifts our spirits when we open up our hearts and allow God's light to shine in our lives.  God does not nag us to do the right thing, but hopes that the messages God teaches us permeate throughout our lives so that others may know of God's love.  God is every kind of parent rolled into one:  the cool parent, the concerned parent, the understanding parent, and the forgiving parent.  God takes on many roles in our lives, but always wants what is best for us.  God may let us make mistakes and come up short in life, but is present to pick up the pieces when we fall apart.  God is there for us through thick and thin like the best parent we will ever know.     


- Dru Lawhorne


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