Monday, December 15, 2014

Advent 2014

Monday, December 15


Our Advent prompt for this year was to reflect on the birth of Jesus from God's perspective.  Thinking the congregation would enjoy the thoughts from our multi-aged children's Sunday school class, I agreed to ask them some questions on the subject and share them with the congregation.  It was a most humbling experience.

Madeline Campbell is the resident bible scholar in our Sunday school class.  As a student in early elementary school at Savannah Christian, she usually knows the stories we discuss in our class in advance.  She is always correct with her information.  Maddie is 7 years old, an intense and articulate young lady, always willing to share her knowledge when asked.  Below are her answers to my questions:

What might God have felt throughout Mary and Joseph's pregnancy and the birth of Jesus?

Madeline:  "Well, I think He would have felt sad and glad because He knew Jesus was going to die on the cross.  I think He wondered why Jesus was born on that day and He was happy about what Jesus was going to do on earth."

How is the love of a parent to a child reflective of God's love for us?

Madeline:  "God tells our parents what to do like our parents tell us what to do."

We are truly blessed to have the children we have in our congregation.  Alex, Henry, Story, and Miracle were not quite verbal enough to take on answering this year's prompt, but I suspect it won't be long until they surprise us with their answers.  Come by any Sunday morning during Advent and my students will be glad to share their ideas about Advent and Christmas with you!


- Madeline Campbell and Barbara Creaser


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