Monday, December 8, 2014

Advent 2014

Monday, December 8


Our Advent prompt for this year was to reflect on the birth of Jesus from God's perspective.  Thinking the congregation would enjoy the thoughts from our multi-aged children's Sunday school class, I agreed to ask them some questions on the subject and share them with the congregation.  It was a most humbling experience.

Caedie Brewer is the only pre-schooler in our Sunday school class and she will be turning age 4 at the end of November.  Caedie asked for explanations until she was sure she understood my questions.  Here are her answers about our Advent theme:

What might God have felt throughout Mary and Joseph's pregnancy and the birth of Jesus?

Caedie:  "God wanted Jesus to hurry up and get out of Mary's stomach so He could see who He was."

How is the love of a parent to a child reflective of God's relationship to us?

Caedie:  "God loves us like Mary and Joseph loved Jesus.  Jesus had thirteen brothers and sisters, but God wasn't their daddy."

How do you think God felt when Jesus was born?

Caedie:  "He was happy and had a party and blew out the candles on the cake and ate it."

One thing that has been very apparent as I have worked with these children is that they come from homes where bible stories, theology, and religion are shared on a regular basis.  Caedie is energetic, bright, and is unafraid to share her opinions during our Sunday discussions.  She shared more with me about Advent and Christmas at her house, but never made reference to presents and toys.  That, to me, is an amazing insight for an almost four-year-old.


- Caedie Brewer and Barbara Creaser


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