Monday, December 1, 2014

Advent 2014

Monday, December 1


             Our Advent prompt for this year was to reflect on the birth of Jesus from God's perspective.  Thinking the congregation would enjoy the thoughts from our multi-aged children's Sunday school class, I agreed to ask them some questions on the subject and share them with the congregation.  It was a most humbling experience.

             I asked each of the children two or three questions and tried to explain them to each child on their level.  My first interviewee was Shelby Chezik since she is the oldest in our group.  The questions I posed to Shelby and her answers are shared below:

How is the love of a parent to a child reflective of God's relationship to us?

Shelby:  "My parents feed me, love me, and take care of me.  God loves us and takes care of us and He wants us to do good for others just like our parents."

How do you think God felt when Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem?

Shelby:  "God was ready for the birth of Jesus by celebrating, by singing, playing, and putting up decorations.  Jesus was His son and God was going to have a happy time with Him by giving Him good parents on earth."

Shelby is an energetic, social, and friendly young lady who is a good contributor to our Sunday school lessons.  Shelby is 10 years old and, as you can see, she has a solid grasp on what she feels is the relationship between God and Jesus.  During these interviews, I found our children at First Baptist can put complicated theological thought into simple and understandable concepts.  I hope re-experiencing the story again through their childlike perspectives will help us reconnect to the Christmas story. 


- Shelby Chezik and Barbara Creaser


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