Friday, December 19, 2014

Advent 2014

Friday, December 19


Our Advent prompt for this year was to reflect on the birth of Jesus from God's perspective.  Thinking the congregation would enjoy the thoughts from our multi-aged children's Sunday school class, I agreed to ask them some questions on the subject and share them with the congregation.  It was a most humbling experience.

Camille Heidel, age 8, is the second oldest of our Sunday school class.  Camille is a bright, engaging and confident young lady.  She asks very insightful questions about our Sunday school lessons and is very focused on the answers.  I asked each of the children two or three questions and tried to explain them to each child on their level.  She was very thoughtful about the answers to the questions I asked her.

Here are my questions and Camille's answers:

How is God's relationship to us reflective of our parent's relationship to us?

Camille:  "God feels the same about us as our parents feel about their child.  Jesus was God's child, but lived on earth with Mary and Joseph.  He loved Jesus like our parents love us."

How does becoming a parent change, inform or affect you understanding of God?

Camille:  "Sheep need shepherds to love them and feed them and take care of them.  God is our shepherd and He feeds and takes care of us like He would the sheep."

Again, as you can see, we have some very astute children who in their young-child-ways understand some very complicated concepts about the Birth of Jesus.  May we be blessed this Advent season to again see this story through the eyes of a child.


- Camille Heidel and Barbara Creaser


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