Advent 2014



God chose to enter our world not in a show of magnificent splendor or overwhelming power, but in the form of a child - a newborn baby.  God became small and vulnerable, and by doing so offered a way for humanity to connect with God the Almighty, creator of us all, through this shared experience of birth, infancy, and childhood - life, eventually including death.

In 2010 the Advent devotional theme focused on the idea of God as a child.  It resulted in many unique, thoughtful, and deeply meaningful reflections.  This year, as the Music and Arts Committee began considering a theme for the 2014 Advent devotional, babies and children were on our minds!  Over the course of 2014 our church has been blessed with the births of a number of children into our congregation.  The very visible result has been five baby dedications through the summer and fall - a chance for all of us to commit to help raise these children in a loving family of faith.

With the nursery and Sunday school classes bustling with activity, we have decided to focus again on the birth and infancy of Jesus, but this time from a slightly different perspective.  Writers were asked to reflect on God as a parent - the one who loved, watched over, and protected Jesus from His birth, and who loves, watches over, and protects all of us.

One of the special features this year is the inclusion of thoughts from the children in our congregation, both verbal and artistic, about how they understand God to be the parent of Jesus, how God loves them like God loves His own son, and how their families are a reflection of God's love.  Their Sunday School teachers and nursery workers have taken the time to talk with them and facilitate their involvement in this special way, and we are grateful for their efforts.

Throughout these pages are a wide variety of experiences, beliefs, and understandings that reflect upon each individual writer.  Such a range of thought shows not only the creativity and diversity of our congregation, but also points to our Baptist heritage of recognizing the priesthood of all believers. 

As you read these devotionals, one each day through the season of Advent, may you be reminded of the love of God as shown through the gift of Jesus Christ dwelling among us.


- Kyle Ballantine, editor


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