Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advent 2013


             Advent is my favorite time of the year in large part because of the traditions my family and I share.  Many of them I cherish, such as switching to our Christmas China, attending the Christmas Eve service at First Baptist each year, singing the beautiful Christmas carols throughout the Advent season (especially at our annual caroling event), and our traditional Eggnog French Toast on Christmas morning after sharing our gifts with each other.

My most favorite tradition is decorating our Christmas tree.  My parents and I have always purchased an ornament for our tree whenever we went on a family vacation or had a special event happen in our lives.  Each year as we unwrap the ornaments and place them on the tree, we relive the wonderful memories that we have shared with each other.  This is a tradition that Alan and I have continued in our own home.

Of course, there are other traditions of which I am not as fond, but they are inevitable.  Under this category we have the annual Christmas tree discussion ("Is the tree straight?  Does it need to go one-sixteenth-of-an-inch to the left?  NO!  Not that left, the OTHER left!!"), burning at least one batch of Christmas cookies, and trying to keep the poinsettia alive (Note:  annual plant death may be caused by animal intervention, too much water, or lack thereof).

When Alan and I got married five-and-a-half years ago, we each brought traditions into our marriage.  At first it was a little difficult to pick and choose which traditions we wanted to bring into our home:    Was our tree going to have white lights or colored lights?  Were we going to have Creaser French Toast or Quattlebaum Waffles for breakfast?  When did we want to do our travelling to see family?  We eventually got everything worked out, though it is still evolving.  We are continuing to incorporate our family traditions while working on making our own traditions which we hope to pass on to our own children.

The purpose of traditions, whether old or new, is to share warm memories with our friends and family.  It doesn't matter how creative, wonderful, ridiculous, or funny the traditions are.  It is important that we share these moments with our loved ones and remember why we are celebrating Advent.


- Caroline Pritchard


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