Sunday, December 15, 2013 - Third Sunday of Advent

Advent 2013



             When James and I joined First Baptist Church in 2004, we learned about the Christmas Eve Service, and of course, we attended.  We have continued to do so except for the one year we were visiting with my family in Kentucky.  A service like ours, set for 5:30 p.m., is understandable.  It allows folks to attend the early evening service and then move on to other family activities.  A service that would be in session at midnight would make it difficult for families with young children.  Since we do not see our children until Christmas Day, we are free following the service to do our own thing, and that almost always involves eating.

But if you are not eating at home, your choices are very limited on Christmas Eve.  That's why we always seem to end up at the Huddle House.  We pass it on the way home and it is always open.

Creating a tradition of going to the Huddle House was not done intentionally.  It was a matter of availability.  And it now seems to be a given that we will share a breakfast meal there following our Christmas Eve service.

I sip hot coffee and James drinks his sweet tea while we wait for our food to be cooked to order.  While we wait, I like to pay attention to the other folks who are sitting at the Huddle House tables on Christmas Eve.  I don't engage them.  I tend to just speculate.  Why are they here right now?  Are they also on their way home from church?   Are they traveling to be with family?  Is he a trucker trying to make it home for Christmas?  Is she a loner whose family is the Huddle House staff?  Is this night any different for them than any other night of the year? 

I ask myself the same question.  Is it any different for me?  I think so.  In the midst of all its trappings and among people like those of us at the Huddle House, Christ comes.  Leaving His home to dwell among us, He comes.  Intentionally choosing to dwell among us, He comes to be with us, just as we are, right where we are.  After church on Christmas Eve, He can be found at the Huddle House.  And at your house.  And at mine.  He is available, always.  May God help us to be intentional in seeking Him.

- Carolyn Hale Cubbedge


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