Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Advent 2012



The Day the Music Lived


             Decades ago, the song "The Day the Music Died" reflected sadness over national tragedy.  Hearing this music still brings tears of sadness from my eyes.  In this Advent season, however, I experience with numerous Christian carols the days the music lived and lives.   Phrases from the many seasonal carols also bring tears from my eyes in relation to history past and present.  The phrases abound with hope and goodness.

"His law is love and his gospel is peace" reflects so well what this world needs and longs for.  "Let all that is within us praise his holy name."

The dawn of redeeming grace occurred in a silent night far away when God got down to earth.  A little baby in an outside stable is about as down to earth as one can get.  The carols of Advent summarize how God got down to earth and still does.  All of us enjoy the trees indoors, the sparkling tinsel, the lights in windows, singing "Grandpa's Gonna Sue the Pants off Santa," and the dreams of snow-covered fields on Christmas morning.  But nothing captures the true meaning of the season like the traditional carols we sing together or alone (in the shower for me).  These are the days when the music lives and blesses us in a community of love with one another.

"Silent night, holy night" - when God comes to us wherever we are and renews our spirituality.  Carols bring peace and wholeness to all of us.

- George Shriver


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