Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent 2012



He Came Down for Kevin


             As you can imagine, singing carols has always been a big part of the Advent season in my family, and Christmas caroling with the church has always been a favorite tradition.  This past year was Jacqueline's second year to go Christmas caroling with the church, but this year was different from the previous.  This time, she was very interested in participating in the bells and the singing.  She took a special liking to two carols in particular - "Joy to the World!" and "Go Tell It on the Mountain" - so of course we sang them throughout the season.  We sang them as the blessing for dinner; we sang them at bedtime; we sang them constantly.

As the holiday season faded and we moved well into the New Year, Jacqueline's love of these particular carols did not fade.  At dinner, we would ask Jacqueline what she would like to say for the blessing, giving her the non-Christmas options that we all know.  Every time, though, the answer would be either "Joy to the World!" or "Go Tell It on the Mountain," and of course, we would go ahead and sing her pick of the day.

By summer, Jacqueline had developed an interest in ballet dancing and attended summer dance camp.  She loved it so much that I signed her up for dance classes this fall.  Her new favorite activity became having either Keith or me sing while she would dance, or have Poppi play the piano while she danced.   When we asked her what she would like us to sing or play, you can imagine what the answer would inevitably be.

Then one Wednesday night coming home from church this fall, she began singing loudly:

Go tell it on the mountain!

Over the hills and everywhere!

Go tell it on the mountain!

That Jesus Christ is born!

A baby in a manger!

Was born on Christmas Day!

He came down for Kevin!

To was his self away-Hey!

   (As opposed to "He came down from heaven, to wash our sins away.") 

Of course I started laughing, so she started laughing and, being quite a ham who enjoys getting a laugh, she continued to sing it over again louder and louder.  I don't know exactly who Kevin is, but he brought us both a lot of joy that night.

The tradition of caroling is about spreading joy to the world throughout the Christmas season.  Our family got the gift of joy spread throughout the whole year this past year thanks to a couple of carols that will always be my favorites from now on due to the memories I will associate with them.  I'm looking forward to caroling with the church more than ever this year and the new memories my family and I will make with the carols throughout the whole season (and maybe even the entire year).

- Emily Richardson-Dion


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