Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent 2012



             Carol:   n.  A song of joy or praise.  A Christmas song.

                           v.  To sing joyously.


             There was a time when I thought a Christmas carol had to be old.  There were no new ones from year to year.  Then on the radio I began to hear attempts at writing new Christmas carols.  They seemed SO strange, and I could neither hum the tune nor sing the lyrics!  How absolutely odd!


I even began to wonder if I could write a Christmas carol.  Certainly I had enjoyed both caroling and hearing carols over the years.  My world had often been blessed with the joy of Christmas.  After all, God had loved me incredibly through the advent of Christ!


I know the joy of being loved, forgiven, accepted, and graced with incredible gifts by the Creator.  Surely, all of those realizations were sufficient to raise the tide of joy to a level that would create a carol.  Regrettably, I did not give a serous attempt for some time.  How about now?


Baby Jesus, infant lowly, born so long ago;

In a stable, all the people fully able to be blessed.


I am glad you grew to manhood

And showed us how to love like you.

Your sweet advent was the start

Of peace and hope for all.


Hold us gently in your keeping

Just as Mary held you in her arms.

Lend us courage to be faithful

To share your love and grace with all.


Maybe someone like the Reverend James Richardson might find some music for these lyrics and we can all carol this carol of Christmastide to the glory of God!  Amen


- Will Barnes


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