Monday, December 17, 2012

Advent 2012



             As we sing loudly, her laughter echoes around us.  Her two-foot frame can barely contain all the excitement and potential that she holds within her tiny body. Caedmon, my daughter, has no clue that Christmas is around the corner, that Jesus wants to find a home in her heart, or that the basic needs of people around the world aren't being met. But she, for sure, knows that the Itsy Bitsy Spider keeps climbing up the after day.  She knows that the rain comes down and washes the spider from where he finds solace. She knows that the sun dries up rain and that the spider is an incorrigible spider that will continuously climb the spout again.


If a carol is a song that is sung out of gladness, to give praise to God for the birth of his Son, or even to provide amusement and joy, then surely the song that most speaks to me this holiday season would have to be that spider's anthem..."The Itsy Bitsy Spider."


How wondrous it is to realize that words I have known all my life can speak to the center of who I am in such a powerful way. That song will forever remain an anchor for me to this time in her life. As time passes, I can hold on to her little voice recounting the spider's climb and her little fingers fumbling through the motions. They mark this time in her life. And she marks mine.


Though entirely secular and absurd, this is my carol this season. It reminds me that while the traditional carols are beautiful, awe-inspiring, and full of meaning and history, this sing-song, grace-filled narrative speaks just as loudly, and it is exactly where she is right now in life.


Perhaps her song can remind us this season to look to the unexpected for examples of truth and grace, and it can remind us that Jesus calls us to meet people where they places we too have been and walked through. And perhaps it can remind us that, as we approach the birth of Christ, even when we fall, out comes the Son to dry up all the that we, like the spider, can climb the spout again.


- Nicki Brewer


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