Wednesday, November 30

Advent 2011

At the end of my second year of college, I decided to get my own apartment.  I knew the place was coming open because the person who lived there was moving to Atlanta.  I loved the idea of living in this place because it was right off campus, cheap, and the people who were currently living there had dogs, so I finally would get to realize my dream of having a dog.  I started researching breeds and finally had it down to a couple.  However, the day came for me to sign the lease and the landlord informed me that he had changed his mind on the pet policy and dogs were no longer allowed in the apartment.  I was saddened by the news but by this time it was already summer and all of the other places to rent were gone so I chose to live there.  To ease my sadness, my sister gave me a stuffed basset hound.  From 2000 till 2006, I never lived in a place that allowed dogs, but I always kept my stuffed basset hound in a visible spot, waiting until the day I could get my real dog.

Waiting for something to become real is almost always difficult to endure.  In the six years I carried around that stuffed dog, I longed for something real to come into my life.  In 2006, when I moved to Savannah, one of the first things I did was find the perfect dog who needed a home and rescue him from a shelter in Bamberg, South Carolina.  The drive from Bamberg to Savannah was one of the happiest moments in my life.  My waiting had paid off, and I had a cute furry puppy to hold onto.

Advent is all about waiting for something to be real.  The hardest part of Advent is to remember to long for what we want.  We look at the candles each week reminding us what we want and easing the pain of not getting it immediately.  Finally, on Christmas Day, we do get what we want.  Christmas will come whether or not we choose to wait on it.  However, if we have longed for this miraculous event to occur, we are even more excited than we would have been if we had not been forced to wait.  We finally get something real to hold onto.

- Jeb Bush


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