Wednesday, December 21

Advent 2011

Meditation on Mother and Child


Mother and child.

Dear Mary, your firstborn lies sleeping in your arms.

Into your care he is placed.

By your hands, he will be fed.

Nourish him for his journey ahead.

By your teaching, he will learn.

Tell him the lessons of old.

By your example, he will live.

Guide him to seek out the ones who need him.

How blessed you are!


Blessed Mary and the Christ child.

Dear Jesus, asleep in your mother's arms.

Fully human and fully divine, you are God's One and Only.

Into your care we are placed.

By your hands, we shall be fed.

Nourish us with your everlasting bread.

By your teaching, we shall learn.

Tell us how God thinks, and how we should in turn.

By your example, we shall seek new lives.

Show us by your sacrifice how to live anew.

You are God's perfect example.

How blessed we are!

- Doug Craig


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