Tuesday, December 6

Advent 2011

"I am the servant of the Lord.  May it be as you have said."


             Much has been said about the courage and faith of Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Her story is repeated each year as a testimony to the remarkable and mysterious ways that God chooses to enter our lives.  We can continue to tell the story of this extraordinary young woman, or we can ask ourselves the question, "Am I willing for the Christ to be born in me?"  The challenge of Mary's story has less to do with a "virgin birth" than whether we too are willing to become the birthplace of our Lord in this world.  Perhaps we should ask, "What would it look like if Christ were born in me?"

The gospel writer Luke gives us an indication of the shape of the Word becoming flesh among us:


"...From this day forward all generations will count me blessed,

for the Mighty God has done great things for me....

He has shown the might of his arm,

He has routed the proud and all their schemes;

He has brought down monarchs from their thrones,

and raised on high the lowly.

He has filled the hungry with good things,

and sent the rich away empty...."


Even in this year we have seen monarchs brought down and the lowly raised.  Is it too much to believe that our Lord can bring hope to the world again through us?  Am I willing for the Christ to be born in me?

- Charlie Benton


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