Sunday, December 4

Advent 2011

The Word Was Made Flesh


             This theme means a lot to me this year.  I believe that my father being on this earth today is an example of this theme.  God's mercy and love, I believe, were what kept my dad here this past March.

             I have always prayed and knew that God heard my prayers, but I never really thought that my prayers were big enough or important enough for God to bother with.  I mean, who am I?  As my father lay in the CCU at the hospital, being kept alive with medication and machines, I prayed, I prayed,  and then I prayed some more.  I didn't really believe that my prayers would be answered, but I hoped that God would hear them and at least bring comfort to my dad and my family.  I prayed because it says to pray in the Bible, God's word.  I prayed out of despair and duty.

God heard my prayers and the prayers of everyone else who prayed for my father and he answered.  He gave me back my father, who all the doctors said could not live.  God's love and mercy that are written about in the Bible and that we learn about in church were given to my family.  The fact that my dad is here with us today is a true testament that God's Word is made flesh on a daily basis.

- Kami Johnson


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