Sunday, December 18

Advent 2011

Early Christian Jews identified Jesus with God the Father Creator:  "I and the Father are one.  He that hath seen me hath seen the Father," said Jesus.

             Much has been written about the Deity of Jesus Christ in the centuries since the Gospel of John declared it in the first chapter.  The only way God could dwell among us and reveal God's truth was to become Flesh, even as we are flesh.  The idea of God as the divine indwelling spirit in all humankind changed the way we see each other.  Jesus gave us the Way: to see God in everyone we meet, to pay attention to the physical needs of the flesh, and to nourish God within us through prayer, study, and worship.  Jesus gave us the Truth: that God is love.  Jesus gave us the Light:  that the promises and the gospel are universal, available to all who believe.  Jesus was the Word made Flesh.  Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light.

I visit a dear friend in the nursing home every week.  Since her stroke in March, her speech is unintelligible.  She tries very hard to talk and makes one syllable sounds with great expression.  She even writes letters in all capitals, but they make no sense.  I believe she understands everything I say to her, and I often gain an understanding of what she is trying to say to me.  She can answer yes or no to questions.  She celebrated her 80th birthday on October 29.  I recently found her crying as I entered her room.  I held her close and told her I had been crying earlier that day also.  I just shared my sadness and worry with her about my problem.  She stopped crying to listen and then began saying comforting, reassuring, and hopeful "words" to me.  The tone of voice and expressiveness were unmistakable, even though the language was mysterious.  It was humbling to accept such a precious gift from one whose pain is so much greater than mine.

. . . and the Word was made flesh.

- Marty Foxx


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