Saturday, December 3

Advent 2011

And the Word Became Peach


             As a child, I had a crayon in my box of Crayola crayons that bore the name "flesh."  And even though it wasn't the same color as my skin or my brown-skinned Filipino playmates, I knew it was the crayon that was to be used for coloring people.  At some point in the 1960's Crayola changed the crayon's name.  The color stayed the same, but the word "flesh" disappeared and became "peach."  Thus it was that children everywhere were left to their own imaginations when choosing which crayon to use for putting skin on people.

"And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us...."  That took great imagination on God's part.  Not that God had to sift through the crayons to decide what color to be, but how does God Almighty end up as a baby, navigating through this world just like the rest of us?  Only through God's imagination could the impossible have become reality.

The more astounding question, however, is not how but why.  There are a myriad of reasons theologians discuss as to why incarnation happened the way it did when God entered the human race.  But what I always come back to is that God became a human being and lived among us because God cherishes us and loves us and sees us as precious.

When Emma was a small child and crayons once again became part of my life, I discovered a box of Crayola crayons marketed with these words:  "This Multicultural assortment contains 8 different skin, hair, and eye colors for coloring people around the world."  "Flesh" had become so much bigger than "peach," reflecting in a very small way God's creativity when God imagined a world full of people.


Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world;

Peach, Mahogany, and Tan,

Apricot and Sepia;

Jesus loves the little children of the world.


The Word became flesh for all the children, all the children of the world;

Burnt Sienna, Black, and White,

All are precious in God's sight;

Jesus loves the little children of the world.


- Gaye Rountree 


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