Tuesday, December 14

Advent 2010

We cannot know what was in the mind of God when he planned reconciliation with man.  But the fact is he worked two miracles and brought two babies into the world - one born to a virgin and another to a woman beyond child-bearing age.  These births are the core of the Christmas story we celebrate every year.

             The birth of a child almost universally brings hope - certainly every child who is wanted.   Most mothers wonder about their baby, what will be its personality, what place he or she will take in this world, whether the child will grow up to take care of the parents.

Throughout the Middle East it is a great shame on a woman who does not produce a child after marriage.  Many women are divorced or put aside for a new wife if they do not produce a son.  Many come to the clinic at Christian Hospital Sahiwal requesting treatment, even prayer, for a child.  Otherwise they have no hope.  This gives us an unparalleled opportunity to present God's plan through a child, Jesus - a plan for hope for eternity.

And so we celebrate Jesus' birth every year as we renew our hope for peace on earth and hope for life eternal.

 "And a little child shall lead them."  Thank you, God.

- Jane Jennings


Lord, Advent is upon us.  Let us experience the joy that Jesus brings and has been bringing ever since John the Baptist leapt for joy before he was even born.  In a world filled with wars and famine, poverty and disease, we could all use a little more joy in our lives.  This Advent season, help us to be able to share the joy that we receive with others, so that they might know it also.  Joy to the world, the Lord is come!  Amen.

- Emma Rountree


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