Thursday, December 23

Advent 2010

Since I am in the Adult Choir and teach Children's Choir, I have been singing the words to Brian Wren's "When God Is a Child" quite a bit for the past month or two! Each time we sing these words in Children's Choir, you can sense the excitement in the children for the upcoming Advent season. It reminds me of how excited I used to be during Advent when I was a child.

             When you are a child there is so much to be joyful and excited about during Advent. The beautifully decorated sanctuary, the Chrismon trees, the joyous hymns that we sing, singing for the lighting of the Advent wreath each Sunday, going caroling to our members at nursing homes, the caroling with candles on the steps of the sanctuary on Christmas Eve, and well, the Christmas cookies and presents are pretty great too!

Each Advent there is so much joy and excitement in the anticipation of our coming Lord, especially for a child. Children seem to find more joy in Advent than do adults. As adults, we inadvertently tend to take the focus away from what Advent is really about - the birth of our Lord. We get distracted by decorating our homes, making holiday food for the family, going to Christmas parties, and shopping for presents. There is so much to do as adults that we tend to focus on our chores and sometimes forget why we are celebrating Advent.

Children do not have to worry about these things which lets them focus on the joy of the season. They tend to keep things simple and just enjoy the season without getting distracted by the chores that come with the holiday season. They focus on the Bible stories about Jesus' birth that they learn in Sunday School and through singing in Children's Choir and the hymns on Sunday mornings. Children are so excited, you can sense it just by looking at them and you can't help but begin to feel excited yourself!

During this Advent season, may we all live more like children and not get distracted by things we must do. I hope that we all truly experience the joy and excitement as we anticipate the upcoming birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

- Caroline Pritchard


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