Sunday, November 28

Advent 2010

When God Is a Child


I'm telling you, once and for all,

that unless you return to square one and start over like children,

you're not even going to get a look at the kingdom, let alone get in.

Whoever becomes simple and elemental again, like this child,

will rank high in God's kingdom.

What's more, when you receive the childlike on my account,

 it's the same as receiving me.

(Matthew 18:3-5, The Message)


"When God Is a Child" - now what can that mean?

Surely the maker of all can't be seen

As helpless and small, as childish and weak.

How could an infant be the King that we seek?

Our minds are so tiny, our concepts so scant;

We strive to imagine, but find that we can't.

We try to make God in OUR image, for sure.

But we can't envision a God not mature.


And yet we are zealous to figure it out;

We claim to know God's plan and suffer no doubt.

The theme of this booklet has caused quite a fuss,

But that's not a bad thing, if we will discuss

The mysteries of life that not one of us knows,

And admit in our ignorance, that's how faith grows.

So here is a thought, (and it's no more or less),

And you'll think I am crazy, and I may be, I guess!


Jesus, our teacher, made this point one day

When children were gathered around him to play.

"Don't run them off - let them stay here with me;

The kingdom's for children - God meant it to be."

He went on to say, "When you provide care

For poor helpless children who live anywhere,

It's as if your efforts and all your good deeds

Are directed at me and are meeting my needs."

To enter God's kingdom one must be like a child,

So here's an idea that you'll surely think wild!

What if, in that kingdom of love, we should find

That God IS a child?  Would that blow your mind?

And heaven a playground where everyone plays;

No one is forbidden, and each person stays.

No fighting or crying - we all learn to share;

There's nothing on earth that can even compare.


I told you you'd think my idea was a joke,

And I doubt it will catch on with too many folk.

Do you think I believe that's what heaven looks like?

A place with no harps but each soul has a bike?

That's not the vision of heaven I hold,

But I like it as well as some tales I've been told.

There's truth in my poem if we look really hard,

But when minds are opened, beliefs may be jarred.


We learn from each other when we take the time;

Our minds can be opened by reason or rhyme.

The main thing that's needed to open that door

Is desire for the truth - that and no more.

So read and discuss, ask questions and pray,

But leave yourself time to laugh and to play.

And when all your questions are finally compiled,

You may find some answers "When God Is a Child."

    - James Richardson                     


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