Friday, December 10

Advent 2010

God came to earth as a child in Jesus.  Why?


K I S S   (kept it spiritually simple)


             God could have come through a perfectly written theological treatise.  God could have come as a mighty and benevolent ruler.  God could have come in a powerful storm of lightning and thunder.  God could have come and spoken through a bush.  God chose to come as a keep the message simple:  God loves us...every one of us...and wants to share in our God became one of us...a we could easily relate to God...and thereby experience God's grace and mercy and peace.

Once again this Advent season we prepare ourselves for the coming of the Christ child to us anew.  How?


K I S S (keep it simply spiritual)


The month of December often leaves us drained and disillusioned. We can dread the holiday season with its demands and disappointments.  Enrich this Advent by engaging the God who comes as a child.  Take time to enrich your prayer life; be alone with God in quiet, personal reflection.  Volunteer and help others; share the spirit of God.  Take a stroll with someone special; experience anew the sights and sounds and scents of God's world.  Practice humility and generosity; receive God's grace and give God's peace.

The child...our God...comes again...and we children...of God.

- Rick Sebastian




On Christmas there is no greater joy,

Than Jesus as a baby boy.

Throughout these busy Christmas days,

Let's not forget to give him praise.



                                                           - Bee Laster


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