Monday, November 30

advent 2009

We live in a society that uses many symbols. Car manufacturers adorn their cars with symbols that people recognize and associate with their products. Fast food chains do the same thing to advertise their food. Even young children who can’t read recognize the big golden arches as a place to get a happy meal.

All the symbols on our Chrismon trees refer in some way to the ministry, activities, and teachings of Jesus Christ. All Chrismons point beyond themselves toward God.

Since every ornament points us to a truth of Christ, perhaps we should go from just looking at the ornaments to doing what the ornaments symbolize. There are several types of crosses on our trees and each has a different symbolic meaning. They all have in common the fact that they ultimately lead us away from the horror of Christ’s death to the living out of his commandment to love our neighbors, to care for the poor and needy and disenfranchised, and to be a voice for those who have none. If we do all these things, we will then have become living Chrismons representing Christ in the world.

– Sarah Davis

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