Monday, December 14

advent 2009

Although I am a newcomer to the season of Advent, it seems to me that I have always observed these days with anticipation. As a child in Sunday School, I learned the story from Luke 2 and participated in “bathrobe” pageants, all the while eagerly looking forward to the time when the Christmas presents were opened. Thinking back, December seemed like an eternity.

Today, I am no longer a child, yet the wonder of anticipation has not left me. I often try to suggest to the Sunday School class that I lead to look at what is familiar in a new and different way. That way, the very symbols of our faith take on a new meaning.

The first Advent ended when God gave to us the greatest gift we could receive, Emmanuel. God fulfilled his promise to be reconciled with his creation through the birth of Jesus. Our Heavenly Father wrapped his gift in a common manger set in a humble stable, and topped the package with a bow of light from a radiant star. So the next time you view a nativity, remember the beauty of the gift.

– Doug Craig

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